International Art Exhibition 2017/05

Peter Gill, Magazine, May 1, 2017

International Art Exhibitions is a non-commercial, non-profitmaking resource designed for those engaged in the study and practice of art, by providing information on selected current and forthcoming art exhibitions worldwide.

The design approach is visually-led, adopting a double-page spread in the proportion of 9:16 (1440 x 2560 pixel) as the format of choice.This ratio also reflects the screen dimensions of larger desktop monitors. Each spread includes between five and ten images, complemented by descriptive text, usually based on press releases or materia supplied by the museums and galleries, and captioned in accordance with the policy of each particular institution. By using high resolution images, the highest standard in the reproduction of the artworks is ensured. Once the design is finalised, each spread is converted into a pdf and supplied to the museum or gallery responsible for the particular exhibition, either for their approval or simply as a reference for their records.

This website has been created as a reference and an archive to assist with contextual studies. Pdfs of the completed spreads are collated chronologically, with the years subdivided into sections. This keeps the file sizes small, thus enabling faster down-loading. Front pages, based on the word 'ART, act as separators and identify each section within a year. Pdfs of individual sections may be downloaded for convenience when embarking on further study. It is recommended to view the pdfs 'full-screen', giving an unimpeded view and helping legibility. In Adobe Acrobat this gives the additional advantage of being able to scroll the spreads horizontal).




Karin Kneffel | Ali Banisadr | Fernando Botero | A Surrealist Banquet | Katerina Belkina | Paris: Fin de Siècle | Emily Carr | Alice Neel | Nicolas Party | Mexican Graphic Art | Paul Winstanley | Gerhard Richter | Max Pechstein | Fernand Léger | Sebastiano Navarra | The Discovey of Mondrian | Bernard Frize | Lisa Yuskavage | Ian Davenport  | Andy Warhol | School of London | Judith Lauand



Kunstmuseum Bonn | Karin Kneffel


Sperone Westwater New York | Ali Banisadr


Complesso del Vittoriano Rome | Fernando Botero 


Di Donna Galleries | A Surrealist Banquet


Faur Zsófi Gallery | Katerina Belkina


Guggenheim Bilbao | Paris: Fin de Siècle  


Vancouver Art Gallery | Emily Carr


Victoria Miro London | Alice Neel


Xavier Hufkens | Nicolas Party


Kunsthaus Zürich | Mexican Grapic Art


Kerlin Gallery Dublin | Paul Winstanley


Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden | Gerhard Richter


Buceries Kunst Forum Hamburg | Max Pechstein


Centre Pompidou | Fernand Léger


Miaja Gallery Singapore | Sebastiano Navarra


Gemeente Museum Den Haag | The Discovey of Mondrian


Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong | Bernard Frize


Dvid Zwirner London | Lisa Yuskavage


Alan Cristea Gallery London | Ian Davenport 

High Museum of Art Atlanta | Andy Warhol


Marlborough Fine Art Art Basel | School of London


Driscoll Babcock New York | Judith Lauand



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