An exclusive interview with Jörgen Golz

Ida Salamon, Art Market Magazine, April 1, 2021

Art Market Magazine: Can you share with us some names of newcomers at the Art Fair who became shooting stars?

Jörgen Golz: I could mention many names of artists here, who have been shown at our fairs, who have made international careers in the meantime, and who certainly have a great future ahead of them.Let me point out three examples here, which some readers may already know, but for others may still represent something like insider tips: Russian-born artist Katerina Belkina uniquely combines visual art forms with digital image editing in her works. Belkina herself has a triple role in the process: she is a motif, director, and visual artist all at once. Her mysterious, "painted" photographs have already been shown in numerous renowned exhibitions. She has been nominated for the Kandinsky Prize in Moscow (the Turner Prize's Russian equivalent). She has been awarded the International Lucas Cranach Prize and the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award.












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