MIA Fair 2023. The photography fair between aesthetics and contemporaneity returns to Milan

Elio Crema, ArtsLife, March 13, 2023
With 100 exhibitors and a busy program of awards and special projects, MIA Fair – Milan Image Art Fair returns to Milan for its 12th edition. Appointment at SUPERSTUDIO MAXI from 23 to 26 March 2023.
A multitude of looks and views. This is the essence of photography, perhaps the most pop of the visual means of expression. But no less profound for this. Or less attractive on the market. This is demonstrated by the constant growth of MIA Fair – Milano Image Art Fair, the most consolidated and recognized Italian fair entirely dedicated to the photographic image.
Photographic review that is now a reference. And that in its twelfth edition it does not give up on expanding, as demonstrated by the new organizational partnership with Fiere di Parma. An additional relational and logistical lever, capable of increasing the flow of collectors, including international ones, and involving new galleries.
Thus, from 23 to 26 March 2023, the fair welcomes 100 exhibitors to SUPERSTUDIO MAXI in Milan: more than 80 galleries (30% from abroad), 16 special projects. A multicultural approach, as multicultural is the nature of the city that hosts it. Spirit captured in the guiding work of the fair, MIA MI (2022), by Davide Bramante. At the center of his work is the Duomo, to which disparate suggestions are superimposed that recall other eras lived under the Madonnina, but also references to American culture and in particular to Miami, the city with whose name Bramante plays in the title of the work.


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