For all mankind. The theme of self acceptance in the moment of instability. The acceptance of: body, age, gender, your ethnicity and capabilities. I exist. My mission is to find my own way.

Everything has worsened. The old pillars have collapsed, and new ones have not been found. We can’t think of anything better than blaming ourselves for what’s happening, for being in a precarious situation again. And instability, as we know, is the way to development and change. But also to crisis. How to get out of this spiral? Where it is unclear and frightening - to try new things. To suspend the program of destruction in oneself is to stop the program of destruction of everything around: humanity and humanness, the planet and ecology on it, peaceful existence. Understand what our program consists of. Why do we continue to persevere. Can art resist destruction? Is it possible to change consciousness in one, to change the world consciousness? The project is interactive, hybrid, includes a number of graphic works (photography+digital painting), multimedia graphics, video performances.