When I was a small child, I was haunted by a recurring nightmare:

I wander the streets and get lost, looking for my house and cannot find it. All houses seem the same to me, only insignificant details distinguish them from each other — I am searching forever. There is nobody around me. Emptiness. I am alone.

The series Empty Spaces accompanies the person searching for a “comfortable place” — a place they can call their home. In this world full of ambiguity, a person does not want to be a guest, but to claim their own space in the universe for themselves. A new type of person is emerging who loves big cities and hates them at the same time. The city is made up of unnatural matter that has become inseparably connected with the human soul to form a new entity. The bigger a megalopolis is, the stronger its attraction. It is a powerful energy, indeed an impressive artificial intelligence, and without the human being it is just an empty shell. Such an emptiness also exists within us and demands to be filled. And we fill it. With matter. In big, bright, shining cities we often feel cold loneliness and helplessness. Behind the perpetual movement and hurry we discover the emptiness repeatedly. Achievements are illusory, benefits — deceptive. The slight suspicion arises that we should not be here.