This is not a man’s world. Sometimes it is only understood by women, yet sometimes it interacts very closely with the male world. Until recently, society was divided into these two poles. Now the boundaries are erased in some places, in others they remain clear. Despite the fact that the essence of women is well understood and familiar to me on a deep level, as an artist I try to abstract from this knowledge and imagine that I am seeing a woman for the first time. I want to dissect her subconscious. For this I have taken the liberty of being other women — different in character and fate. In each of them we recognize one of the heroines we know from fairy tales and at the same time we recall the different psyches of women in modern society.

I transform into them and put on costumes and masks, only following the old universal practice of women who must take on a different role every day of their lives — being a wife or lover, a mother or daughter. As a woman I can be vicious and innocent, strong, and weak, aggressive, and gentle — and that is perfectly fine. Each of the heroines represents one of our feelings: jealousy, envy, drowning, or disappointment, and so on.