Über "Horizon of Relations" ... Reflexion über das Leben von heute

Journalist Kim Min-ji, Machinery Newspaper, Mai 18, 2020

International Photo Festival held at the Seoul Arts Center on May 17th 

The 7th Korea International Photo Festival 2020, which shows the current point of view of the rapidly changing modern photo art and can carefully predict the future changes, is the 'Horizons of Relationship. relations) 'in Seoul, Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Design Museum.

In the 21st century, the era of 'relationship', the main exhibitions that re-examine serious reflections and reflections on living today, include Ryan Schude, Katerina Belkina, Rania Matar, and Lace Phone Through the relationship between Lais Pontes and others, it reminds us of the messages of human origin from the same generation.

In the special exhibition, Sang-Woo Ko, Jin-Hee Kim, Jae-Gap Lee, and Won-Sik Won will participate in the theme of 'relationship.' Whether they are social animals or not, they consider the complex and diversified sociality of a series of events that occur during relationships.

In the 'Viewfinder of KIPF', which consists of three sections: Korean Sex Search, Choice 2020, Portrait of the Era, Kogenjae, Niko de la faye, Kim Byung-tae, Kim Young-jae, Kim Yong-hwan, Yeo Sang-hyun, Yoon Eun-sook, You can look into the eyes of the artists who have been reflecting through the viewfinder with consistent long breaths such as Jang Cheol-gyu and Ryu Eun-gyu.

In particular, KOREA PHOTO, a photo fair, can look at the colorful spectrum displayed by 18 artists armed with unique colors, and the exhibited works will be a photo marketplace that can be purchased in the field through dialogue with the artist.

In addition, 'All that Photobook', which exhibits colorful and photo collections that show the harmony of organic photos emitted by highly individualized works, is also worth noting.

The exhibition is held for a week from 17th to 23rd.


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