The 7th Korea International Photo Festival held with 100 photographers at home and abroad

Reporter Seongjong Kim, Photo Marketing, May 12, 2020

Main Exhibition - Horizon of Relations

The main exhibition of the 2020 Korea International Photo Festival will focus on 'the horizon of relations' and ask questions and reflections on the changed 'relationship' of the 21st century and our lives in this era. Re-light. Each photographer from the United States, Russia, Lebanon, Brazil and this year's main exhibition is telling stories with incredible insight into how 'relationship' affects our lives and how they change lives. By showing each person who lives in different environments and living in different environments with their own perspectives, it reminds us of how we form and change relationships in a complex and diversified modern society. This exhibition will be a valuable communication opportunity to reflect on and experience various 'relationships' of the changed society.


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