Exciting Photography Positions at the Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt 2021

Ana Bambić Kostov, discovery art fair Frankfurt am Main, October 25, 2021

From event to event, the Discovery Art Fair team always deliberates on how to make the art viewing and buying experience better for the visitors. And also, how to make the presentation more interesting for the galleries and artists interested in exhibiting. The key is to offer a fresh segment, something new or exciting, which hasn’t been in the limelight for a while, or – ever.

This year, our team gathered an exciting group of exhibitors who will all show the latest positions in art photography. Curated to entice those interested in collecting fine art photography, but also to inspire art photographers and other photography galleries to take part, this selected group of photographic booths will showcase many classic and thrilling ideas and concepts in contemporary art photography.

In no particular order, we present to you twelve exhibitors focused on camera-based art.


Galerie Z22 – Katerina Belkina

Berlin gallery Z22 presents photographs of the internationally renowned photographer Katerina Belkina.

In her work Katerina Belkina plays with different narratives, while focusing on the life of a woman. We can read familiar stories in her photographs, stories of a young girl, maiden, woman or a mother, all interwoven and connected through her personal experience. They are both universal and intimate. Over time, Belkina developed a highly recognizable style, while we can easily read references to renaissance or modern masterpieces throughout her oeuvre. Inspired by her childhood, her surroundings and experiences, this amazing photographer inspires us to reminisce and reconnect with ourselves.


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