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Ausgabe 5 – „Alles auf Anfang“
Dominik Bönisch, Claudia Dell, Anita Grey, Alexander Grüner, Friederike Günther, Paul-Ruben Mundthal, Bernadette Peil, Christiane Preuß, Björn Schorr, Kristin Schulze und Maria Wolff, 2015

Publisher: FOTOINIT e.V..

Dimensions: 16.5 x 22.5 cm

pages: 152
Light and Heavy
Selection, Katerina Belkina, 2014

The eastern concept implies that even a successful, smart and beautiful woman can only be a whole when paired with a man, while in the western world a man is not at all a key element for the self-realization of a woman. Paradoxically, the East European (and particularly Russian) cultural tradition absorbed both these ideas, thus charging a modern woman with ever growing over-responsibility and making her constantly strive to keep up with the man. At the same time she is a consumer and a commodity. Under the pressure of society and especially of her own, she is in a permanent state of both competing for her position next to the man and presenting herself.


In between, repetitions of the repetition lined up. A loop of always the same. We confess: There is neither the beginning nor the end. Because we move on an endless line that loops from beginning to end. We are confused, having been taught that history is a linear sequence of events. Held together by causalities constructed after the fact, it must inevitably make sense. you lied to us Because time is a stream that pulls us into the hole of the present. So if the meaning of our time cannot be justified with a causal sense, what can? Or to put it another way: Who has the authority to interpret the meaning of our existence? The self-exaggerated individual, the indefinable mass of the social majority or quite different opinion enhancers? Who are we? We bravely cast off our role corset and try to ignore the internalized voice of social should, must and may. We come to ourselves again and listen to ourselves. Silence. Empty.


Christin Bader, Katerina Belkina, Natalia Evelyn Bencicova, Paweł Błęcki, Mirco Blondin, Dominik Bönisch, Maria Borowski, Wiktoria Bukowy, Linus Dessecker, Gabriel Dörner, Lelah Ferguson, Benedikt Frantz, Agnieszka Gotowała, Jessica Griffiths, Matthias Gründig, Friederike Günther, Maximilian Gutmair, Anna H, Sebastian Jung, Heinrich von Kleist, Tobias J. Knoblich, Lukas Krause, Kathrin Leisch, Thomas Lemke, Johannes Maas, Marco Marucci, Paul Meussling, Dokter Molrok, Yvonne Most, Paul-Ruben Mundthal, Philotheus Nisch, Franziska Ostermann, Nastasja Penzar, Leon Lukas Plum, René Porschen, Clemens Radloff, Michael Ritzmann, Adrian Sauer, Daniel Sebastian Schaub, Matthias Schneck, Helga Schneider, Anja Schürmann, Merve Seçkin, Nikita Shergill, Theresa Siebach, Philipp Specht, Maciej Stachowiak, Jenny Starick, Juraj Starovecky, Uwe Steinbrück, Tobias Stoltmann, Reshetnikova Tatiana, Andreas Thurm, Jakob Tress, Jannis Uffrecht, Robert Vanis, Matthias Falco Walther, Sebastian Weise, Robert Wenzl, Pezhman Zahed

HANT - Magazin für Fotografie - Ausgabe 05
Publication date: 18. April 2015
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