2nd Photospectrum 2012
Gallery Jinsun, 2012
Exhibition Catalogue

Publisher: Gallery Jinsun.

Dimensions: 19 x 25.5 x 0.4 cm

Pages: 30
Gallery Jinsun has grown along with young and aspiring Korean photographers since its establishment. From 2011, Gallery Jinsun has hold exhibitions together with overseas growing photographers called PHOTOSPECTRUM INT. As part of international exhibitions, “PHOTOSPECTRUM INT” in Korea is designed to play a key role of cultural communication amongst the global photo art markets and to give an insight to the flow of the modern photos via versatile foreign photo arts. The Second project is organized with International arts exhibit named "Crossover, 3+1". Through this "Crossover, 3+1", spectators have an opportunity for appreciation of a new aspect of modern photography in the 21st century. I cordially expect that “2nd PHOTOSPECTRUM INT 2012” will not only enrich the cultural contents of contemporary photography, but also be a great opportunity to widen cultural exchanges globally. Additionally, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all who assisted with this event, the involved and participating photographers. 

Sun HUH Director of Gallery Jinsun




Katerina Belkina (Russia)
She sees humans as the creatures prowling to find a link with the universe. To her, modern cities are artificial and materialistic, and the space where loneliness and emptiness co-exist. She reproduces the look of modern people living in these places with her unique touch and processes them into the new images. The world urbanized in this way is artificial and materialistic and the humans who are a mere point in the world constructed artificially are likely to feel as if they are just abandoned. Katerina Belkina tries to express in her works these inner questions and answers about how she lives and feels in a city as a human and how she lives and feels herself as a woman in a city. Through her eyes, big cities have created a new type of human being. And there remains only consciousness about the link with the truthful universe.
Curated by Joanne Junga YANG Director of Y&G Art



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