NordArt 2019

exhibition catalog of the NordArt 2019
exhibition catalogue

Publisher: Kunstwerk Carlshütte.

ISBN: 978-3-98187-812-7

Dimensions: 21 x 29,7 cm

pages: 288
"A two-room apartment is not just the most common type of a city home; it also represents a coordinated system for a typical urbanite. More than half of my life I spent in two-room apartments. The world is becoming more open to doing business, communicating, travelling and establishing connections, and, yet, our life is becoming more and more secluded. The world seems compressed to the size of a small apartment. The photographic background of each piece of the project was shot in this or that corner of the dwelling where my life revolves. Like an astronaut on a spaceship, I wake up and start my daily routine. I work, I get my chores done, care about my family and then I'm out on my spacewalk into an orbit – on the internet. I get connected to the rest of the world and while absorbing information, watching the lives of others, thinking about serious social issues. It is so mundane and so strange at the same time."

ISBN 978-3-98187-812-7
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