Art Market Magazine

December 2021 #65
Jacob Aue Sobol, Katerina Belkina, Jimmy Nelson, Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk, and Flora Borsi, 2021

Publisher: Art Market. Global Media Company.

In this 2021 Final Issue, we had the pleasure to create a unique collection of outstanding, most influential fine art photographers from around the globe. You will find Interviews with some of the most admired and influential creators of our generation, including interviews with JACOB AUE SOBOL - MAGNUM PHOTOS, KATERINA BELKINA, JIMMY NELSON, GEMMY WOUD-BINNENDIJK, and FLORA BORSI along with articles featuring the fantastic work by the fabulous JULIETTE JOURDAIN, ANJA DIABATÉ, and ADRIANA SOARES. 
This month's issue is truly a unique, One Of A Kind, special collection. All articles were published originally on Lens Magazine during the past two years. 
A special thanks to José Jeuland, Lens Magazine's photojournalist, invested his time and effort to create most of these interviews. 

2021 was a demanding and very creative year, full of developments; as we enlarged and grew the magazine's distribution along with international competition, the new Gold List Special edition was published, and an exhibition at the Florence Biennale. 
We want to thank all artists and fine art photographers who supported our magazine, featured their art with us, and trusted our vision. 
We wish you and your beloved ones a blessed new year.  

Front Cover: Birds of Paradise 2. (Detail)
Gold List Award Artist Anja Diabaté © All rights reserved. 
See the article on page 152

Back Cover: Flamingo. 2016.
Flora Borsi © All rights reserved.
See the article on Page 138

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