Light and Lens

Photography in the digital age
Robert Hirsch, Greg Erf, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-13821-302-9

Dimensions: 21,3 x 2 x 27,7

pages: 424
The new edition of this pioneering book allows students to acquire an essential foundation for digital photography.
Fully updated, it clearly and concisely covers the fundamental concepts of imagemaking, how to use digital technology to create compelling images, and how to output and preserve images in the digital world. Exploring history, methods, and theory, this text offers classroom-tested assignments and exercises from leading photographic educators, approaches for analyzing, discussing, and writing about photographs, and tools to critically explore and make images with increased visual literacy.

Katerina Belkina tells us: "My face and body are the main instruments I use to incarnate the images | want. Standing in front of the camera as a model, I follow the age-old theatrical practice of playing roles. It gives impetus to the development of my own manner of narration in which shooting is akin to a theatrical performance. A passion for classical art and interest in everything new-technology, discoveries, experiments led me to the type of mixed media. From painting, I take colors and create air as an element of space. From photography, reality and character. My style originates from the artistic tradition of collage. That is how my characters and spaces come together. At the next stage, I choose a brush of a graphics program. This is a subtle and accurate tool to create a light, weightless atmosphere similar to that of a dream. Undoubtedly, this view is based on my feminist principles. Yet, the matter is not in confrontation, but in balance and harmony, where a woman is not an object, but foremost- energy."
Credit: © Katerina Belkina, The Road, 2011, 37 x 51 inches,  Inkjet print.

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