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Originally from Samara, Russia, Katerina Belkina grew up in a family of artists, which made her enter that world as a child, alternating between painting and dancing.
She studied art at a public school and later at Petrov-Vodkin, the only art academy in her city. The classical techniques were for her a great apprenticeship that will benefit her in her work, but will not limit her creativity.
After graduating she worked as a commercial photographer and it was then that she came into contact with computers.
Her photographic work has been included in publications such as National Geographic, Seventeen and Gala. Art is always in the middle of Katerina's life. Her mother and her grandfather already painted pictures so she was familiar with art on paper since she was little. It was at the age of 26 when she began her true interest in photography, although she did not leave the rest of the arts (drawing, painting, sculpture), so she was not sure what her true profession would be.
Mother and married to the photographer and musician Alexey Lebedinsky, Katerina Belkina is a multifaceted artist with a great deal of work in both photography and drawing and painting, combining all the arts to find art itself.
Get to know her work:
She currently lives and works in Moscow and her work evolves towards photography that goes hand in hand with painting until confused in their merger.
Many of her photographs are tributes to great classics of painting such as Van Gogh, Renoir, Klimt or Magritte among others.
Katerina uses herself as a model to create these compositions of technical finesse and great imaginative quality. Her work can also be seen on deviantArt.


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