Lens Magazine

June 2023 Issue #105
Dafna Navarro, 2023

Publisher: Dafna Navarro.

Dimensions: 8.25" x 10.75"


We are incredibly excited to publish this month's fantastic special edition dedicated to the outstanding winner & finalists of the International Competition- a collaboration of Florence Biennale, Art Market Magazine, and Lens Magazine. 
We are pleased to feature an exclusive interview with the competition's winner, Viktoria Andreeva, a highly acclaimed fine art photographer known for her surreal creations that center around the human body. Her distinctive approach involves transforming the figure, often creating an otherworldly atmosphere that blurs the line between reality and illusion, natural and artificial. 
You will find fantastic articles dedicated to the competition's finalists, including a short interview with each, under the title "Getting to know," built from five main questions that all artists answered openly with a piece of personal advice for the young photographer's generation. 
Prepare for the upcoming XIV Florence Biennale, where the winner and the finalists' works will receive extreme exposure. 
Many thanks to Ariel SU, Lens Magazine's journalist, who conducted all interviews. 

Featured Artists: Winner & Finalists 

FINALISTS || Katerina Belkina | Rogério Vieira | Elena Paraskeva | Mati Gelman | Vicky Martin | Mika Moret | Foteini Zaglara | Yana Shpitsberg | Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda 

On the Front Cover: "Melting." 2019 
Viktoria Andreeva © All rights reserved. 









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