perediza issue ii


Publisher: perediza.

Dimensions: 21,5 x 28 cm

Pages: 92
perediza magazine (print only)
Issue No.2 of perediza covers what we believe is missing in modern media today.
 Hard truths, interdisciplinary, discourse, deconstructing modern society and its spaces, and asking why questions alongside the how questions.
In this issue, Perediza begins with climate change exhibitions and their meaning and value, followed by a superb interview with the reputable artists Ackroyd & Harvey. Additionally, there is a critical article on trash during the recent Paris protests, featuring engaging photography by photojournalist Ryan Thomas. You will also find an in-depth and beautiful article on regenerative art, along with lovely original paintings by artists Maria Gomes and Safia Nabiyar. Furthermore, there are engaging articles on fashion and how it shapes our identity, as well as how our phones have become an extended part of our bodies. Featuring beautiful art from renowned artist Katerina Belkina. Finally, you can explore philosophical pieces on Murakami and aesthetic theory.



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