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Marina Dianova, 2018

When we decided to make a purely female number, it seemed quite natural to us: well, what could be more logical than talking in the spring about us women. Let's not hide the fact that somewhere there, deeply, deeply, there was a desire to prove the strong half - well, they say, how cool we are, what posts we hold! Not only love, but appreciate and respect us! We even managed to discuss the slogan that we were going to put on the cover. Something like "The world is ruled by a woman." Gladly rubbing our hands, we began to compile a list of heroines whom we intended to interview.

However, we were waiting for a not very pleasant discovery. There were not only a few women who headed the global business, but very few. In addition, since we have special requirements for both the business and the brand, when we turned on this filter, the circle narrowed down even more. Several of our heroines, who had already agreed to be interviewed, were on the road all the time, so we just did not have time to cross. The circle has become even smaller. No, of course, women are also in the luxury segment. And very respected and worthy. But after all, over the ten years of the magazine’s existence, we also didn’t sit idle and had already been interviewed by many, became true friends with many. And our task, which we set for ourselves initially, is to open new horizons that are worthy of you. So we are trying to open them. But our searches are not always successful.
Well, for example, in the automotive sector, we did not find women heading companies at all. Even the design departments there are exclusively men headed. Dealers and mostly representatives of the stronger sex. Among the most female, as it seemed to me, of the professions - perfumers - men dominate. Among jewelers, watchmakers - again they are. What kind of “total feminization” of society in general?
But on the other hand, those who compete with men create amazing things that delight all the same men. They are few, but they are the queens of the world. We told about them in this issue.
Marina Dianova



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