Daily Belkina № 5

February 22, 2021

Daily Belkina, issue # 5 "Winter Chronicles or Woman in Front of the Mirror".
English SUB.


This is the fifth video from my creative everyday life about winter, how I do my weekly sketches and finish my new graphic art work.


This is the fifth video from my creative daily life about winter and how I shoot weekly sketches and complete new graphic work.


My name is Katya Belkina and I am an artist. My work and all information about me can be found here - https://www.belkina.art I lived in Berlin for six years, and now I live and work in a small town near Potsdam. When the quarantine began this year, I, like many other artists, lost the opportunity to show work at live exhibitions, meet, and communicate. I decided to make short Daily Belkina videos about my creative process, showing the whole art kitchen - mainly how I work on current projects. And my goal is to support other artists in their daily routine, to give, if possible, an impulse to inspiration. Here I post a video in Russian.

I'm on instagram - https://www.instagram.com/thebelki/
I'm in telegram - https://t.me/dailybelkina


This is a series of graphic works about the nature inside man. An experiment with isolating us from each other, or vice versa with each other in close contact, showed what exactly we lacked most acutely. Live communication, freedom of movement and integrity with the world. Stylistically, I drew on and drew inspiration from the direction of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints.


When we are closed in a limited space, then all our hidden problems, fears, fantasies begin to "bloom" here. Desires take on distinct forms. I show everyday scenes at home, where a person is only a part of nature, but is locked inside, in a desire to protect himself, loses control over what is happening and becomes a hostage.