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October 2023 #86
In this month's fantastic Issue, we present a unique collection of outstanding, most influential fine art photographers from around the globe. Most of these beautiful articles and interviews were published in our second brand, the international Lens Magazine, for fine art photography and gained great success. 
You will find Interviews with some of the most admired and influential creators of our generation, including interviews with Viktoria Andreeva - 1st Place Winner at the joint International Competition with Florence Biennale, An Exclusive Interview With Biljana Jurukovski, who gives a Glimpse into the Forgotten Kuba Kingdom of DR Congo. Fantastic articles featuring the finalists' work at the joint international competition with the Florence Biennale in the Photography Category: Katerina Belkina, Mati Gelman, and Elena Paraskeva. 
More you will find unique projects by Vava Venezia and Thomas Dellert (Cover Image), Adam Neuba, and Alfredo Sanchez. 
This is a fantastic and unique issue! Enjoy!

Front Cover: Looking at the apocalypse.
Vava Venezia © All rights reserved. 
See the article on page 26

Back Cover: Solaris
Series: For All Mankind
Katerina Belkina © All rights reserved. 
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